Joining Exploding Creeper

Firstly, unlike other modding groups/teams, your mods/code still fully belongs to you, unless you choose otherwise. Joining our group will give you access to a couple of cool things, while you get to meet some awesome people.

Requirements and Signup form below. Even if you don't meet the requirements fully, sign up in anycase and we might accept you still.

Requirements to Join

  • You need to have atleast 1 published mod with more than 1k downloads
  • Your mod/project needs to open-source (once a member, you are allowed to do closed-source projects, but your initial one must always remain open-source)
  • You need to be a member of our discord server
  • You need to know how github works and you need to be able to work as a team
  • Your project needs to be Active!

Benefits of being in our group

  • You get access to a Jenkins server where you can do dev builds for your mods/projects
  • You get access to a Maven server where you can host API's for usage by other projects
  • You get access to basic web hosting for your project
  • You can upload videos to our youtube channel
  • You get a special role on our discord server
  • You get access to the Claptrap Discord bot that you can use in your own server to track curseforge releases
  • You get access to coders that can help you work on your projects
  • In the future, you will have access to a shared minecraft server that you can use for testing your mods

Ready To Join?

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