What is Jenkins

Jenkins is an Automation server that allows you to build and deploy code from remote sources like Github, Gitlab, etc. No more needing to build locally and upload somewhere, it's all automated.

Use it to release Builds, Test Builds, Prototypes or just use it as a release platform. The choice is yours

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What our Jenkins can and can't do

Our jenkins server is fairly well equipped to handle just about any task, but in order to make it available to everyone fairly, there are some limitations

  • # No resource intensive tasks
  • # No Commercial software
  • # Limited Artifact Sizes <= 300MB
  • # 2GB Ram limitation for jobs (Linux/Mac) - 1GB Ram limit for Windows
  • # Only 20 Projects per Member

Please note that this may change in the future

Advantages of Jenkins

  • Automated Builds
  • Useful for Test Builds and bug fix testing
  • Build from Existing Repositories
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Old Builds are stored for 6 months

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